Generalised Multimedia and High Tech Guide
Project to train university staff in authoring and offering hypertext and multimedia packages and produce a series of illustrative applications.
Lists UK undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.
Project aiming to produce a sustainable approach to making searching, accessing and retrieving multimedia resources as easy as possible, finding, browsing and retrieving multimedia resources as easy as possible, tools for the maintenance and security of information resources and mechanisms for monitoring the q
Online version of the magazine dealing with 3D graphics, CAD, animation, visualisation, virtual reality and multimedia. Includes tables of contents of the latest issue, and an archive of previous issues from 1995 onwards, with selected articles available
Intended for students, teachers, artists, and critics, the resource includes essays and sections on pioneers. Gives an overview of the history and evolution of multimedia, highlighting its impact on art, technology, and culture.
Issues covered include hypermedia, interfaces, agent architecture, virtual reality and integration. A series of online multimedia related documents, searchable by author, date, project, title or type.
News, tools and tutorials for webmasters developing and managing Internet multimedia content.
Includes back issues and mailing lists, code for downloading and resource lists. Journal for professional developers using Macromedia Director.
Source of information on interactive and electronic media, including reviews of books and journals, a guide to web design and full text articles. Provides a collection of annotated links to Internet usage statistics and to websites which exploit new media
Descriptions and links to high-quality Internet resources covering, television, multimedia, news, video, animation, film and journalism.
Set of annotated links to online courses, assignments, course descriptions, tutorials and other materials used in the teaching of communication studies.
Journal intended to present and disseminate historical multimedia projects, provide a forum for multimedia research in all fields of history, and offer reviews which contain audio and video samples.
Final report of EC project examining the process of innovation in multimedia technology development. Highlights the importance of social learning, and argues that the evolution and success of multimedia depends on interaction between producers, users, and
MIDAS-NET is part of the European Union's INFO2000 program, and exists to help multimedia information delivery for trade, industry, business and libraries. Includes full text of the Eurohighway newsletter
Forum for authors, guides to object oriented programming, offering demonstrations, sample scripts and applications which can be downloaded.
Video sequences can be created from a range of sources, including digital images and analogue video tape. Possible output format includes video tape, Quick National visualisation, animation, and video service, free of charge for the UK academic community.
Describes the history and background of the task force, its projects, news and events. Information about an initiative to study and develop educational and cultural products and services accessible via television sets, computers and networks in Europe.
Number of reviews is 17 - Devices in Multimedia