Modern Television and High Tech Guide
News magazine covering the entertainment and media worlds, music news, with film and television production listings and international news.
Non-profit organisation established in 1980 to support the growth and development of a strong and financially sound non-commercial television service for the American public.
Its most popular feature is IMAX, Britain's largest cinema screen. Each IMAX frame is ten times the usual 35mm size. Offers details of museum collections, exhibitions, education programmes, news, events, and Museum situated in Bradford and opened in 1983.
First established in 1985 as part of the BT Prestel network, this resource offers a daily selection of UK TV and radio industry related news stories.
Includes articles of film and television music critique, opinion, and research, and a selected soundtrack of the week. Aims to centralize Internet resources relating to the genre of film and television music.
Television news, webcasting, links, reviews, schedules and features.
Descriptions and links to high-quality Internet resources covering, television, multimedia, news, video, animation, film and journalism.
Includes newspapers, magazines, television listings and radio stations. Also features links to news agencies, sorted alphabetically by country. Collection of media resources covering news and events throughout the world.
Includes details of prime time and Saturday morning shows broadcast from 1940 onwards. Additional links are organised by headings su Directory of television facts which users can browse or search by keyword to locate information on a particular programme.
Links to national television and radio stations in the UK.
A description of BBC digital services including television and radio.
This database is the guide to the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news progams. Since August 1968, the Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed US television newscasts.
Includes addresses, websites, programme schedules, and subscription details, where applicable. Free and independent media directory with access to television, radio, newspaper, and magazine coverage in the UK.
The CBA trains broadcasting organisations, disseminates relevant information, promotes public service broadcasting, and provides a forum for discussion amongst its members. Features and news about broadcasting in Commonwealth countries.
NPBA brings together the archival record of the major entities of non-commercial radio and television broadcasting in the US.
Outlines the holdings of the television history archive at the Syracuse University Library, scripts, which includes accounts from the founding members of the industry and video recordings of popular television shows from the past.
Provides details of schedules, news, weather, education resources, and employment. UK national radio and television stations.
Set of annotated links to online courses, assignments, course descriptions, tutorials and other materials used in the teaching of telecommunications.
Commission which licenses and regulates commercial television in the UK, by setting and maintaining standards for programmes, advertising and technical quality. Includes the ITC annual report, details of digital television in the UK, the regulatory proces
Statutory UK regulatory body for standards and fairness in broadcasting, covering all television and radio. Includes monthly bulletins of Commission decisions, current news relevant to the BSC, information on the Commission's role and latest codes of guid
Number of reviews is 20 - Transfer of Technology